Changes afoot in management of Lake Tahoe’s federal, state lands

By Claire Cudahy / Sierra Sun

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — Amid a national conversation on what to do with the nation’s public lands, agencies in the Tahoe Basin are making changes to better manage state and federally owned land.

The Lake Tahoe Restoration Act, which was signed by former President Barack Obama in December, allocated $415 million over 10 years for environmental management and restoration of the region — and also gave agencies in Lake Tahoe a push to create more contiguous land ownership for more efficient supervision.

The act calls for a transfer of 1,981 acres of land from the California Tahoe Conservancy to the Forest Service in exchange for federally owned urban parcels amounting to similar acreage.

Roughly 187 acres will also be exchanged between the California Department of Parks and Recreation and the Forest Service, while another 39 acres of the Van Sickle Unit will be transferred from the Forest Service to the state of Nevada. Read more

Photo Credit: Della Huff