Allensworth State Park helps keep African American history alive

military accomplishments to receive proper recognition.

“He was the first black colonel in the army,” Jenkins said. “He was the highest ranking African American when he retired. That’s something that needs to be uplifted.”

Jenkins, who resides in Allensworth, was among those who attended the Allensworth State Park Open House on Saturday, when volunteers, dressed in period clothing, were stationed at 10 historical buildings that made for a tour that provided a glimpse of what the town used to look like in the early part of last century.

Bay Area senator proposes 15 percent tax on medical pot

Marin’s representative in the state Senate has introduced a bill that would place a 15 percent tax on medical marijuana.

“The impacts of this multibillion dollar industry have been significant, particularly in Northern California,” said Sen. Mike McGuire, D-Healdsburg. “That is why we are advancing a common sense tax that mimics the leading recreational marijuana initiative that would be focused on local law enforcement programs, neighborhood improvement programs, drug and alcohol treatment, state parks and environmental rehabilitation.”

California lawmakers propose ban on trademarking state parks

California lawmakers want to protect state parks from trademark claims like the one that will result in renamed landmarks in Yosemite National Park.
Democratic Assemblymen Ken Cooley of Rancho Cordova and Adam Gray of Merced along with Republican Assemblyman Frank Bigelow of O’Neals announced AB2249 on Monday.

Feds Want To Double Size Of Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

Despite being a massive, sprawling metropolis, Los Angeles is blessed to have some truly beautiful mountains and wilderness right at its doorstep. The Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area already protects 153,000 of these acres, and now the National Park Service wants to double its size.

Monterey’s historic Cooper-Molera Adobe to adopt private-public concept

Commercial and museum operations are being brought together at the Cooper-Molera Adobe in downtown Monterey.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation and its development partner, Foothill Partners, Inc., have inked Events by Classic Group to be the first tenant to lease space on the three-acre site at Munras Avenue and Polk Street at the south end of Alvarado Street.

Salton Sea Canoe Race Organizers Hope Recreation Can Help Save The Sea

The idea to host an outrigger canoe race on the Salton Sea began as a way to start the racing season earlier, but it has evolved into a dream of something much bigger.

Organizers hope the three-day event, which starts Saturday, shows that recreation is possible on the Salton Sea — and that might help save the sea itself.

San Clemente moves to ban smoking at beach entrances

This summer, when you visit the city’s shoreline, you may find that the ban against smoking on the sand now includes the entry to the beach close to where you parked your car.

The City Council, on a 5-0 vote Tuesday night, introduced an ordinance outlawing smoking at beach entrances.

Too Much Love May Be Hurting San Diego Park

On any given day, Torrey Pines State Reserve hosts an average of 9,000 people. That number swells on weekends and holidays and recedes a bit in the middle of the week. Over the course of a year, that adds up to close to 3 million visitors.

Photo Credit: Della Huff