Join the State Park Action Network

Member organizations have access to a wide-ranging portfolio of resources, including:

  • education, research, advocacy tools
  • SPAN collateral.
  • SPAN eNews, a monthly email containing information and updates relating to legislation and policy changes impacting state parks, a digest of state park related news and media clips and other information.

Through SPAN, member organizations will join CSPF’s statewide efforts to raise awareness California’s state parks and advocate in support of policies that will move state parks toward a vision of excellence. Specifically, SPAN will support efforts to:

  • Strengthen and diversify state park funding
  • Increase public access to state parks
  • Protect state parks
  • Enhance state parks

There are no costs associated with joining the State Park Action Network. Questions? Please contact or call 916-442-2119.

Please submit this webform to confirm your membership in SPAN.

Photo Credit: Carolyn Cathey