SPAN supports efforts to protect state parks

SPAN supports efforts to increase public access to state parks

SPAN supports efforts to strengthen and diversify state park funding

SPAN supports efforts to enhance state parks

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Support SB 317

Members of the State Park Action Network have rallied together to support SB 317, which would provide $200 million for state parks and $50 million for enterprise activities to increase revenue generation at state parks.

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Park Advocacy Day

As part of Park Advocacy Day, we held a successful 2nd Annual Park Expo on the Capitol lawn, featuring more than 20 park partners statewide. Our park partners demonstrated to the Capitol Community, as well as students and the public visiting the many reasons why California’s 279 state parks should be protected, well-funded and supported. Participants were able to mingle with park partners, sample freshly churned butter, taste chicken mole, explore a mobile Interpretive station, learn about park adventures, and more!

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California State Parks in the news…

PD Editorial: Coast parking fees need a full review

The bigger issue, one that will be taken up by the Coastal Commission at its meeting in San Rafael Wednesday, concerns who gets to make the final call. Staff is encouraging the commission members to take it on themselves, and it makes a good argument.

Saving California Parks — With New Ideas and Tech

This year Parks Forward, an independent commission dedicated to assisting California’s Department of Parks and Recreation, released a set of recommendations to fix what many parks advocates have called a “major crisis”.