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Participate in Park Advocacy Day 2016

Registration is now open for CSPF’s 14th Annual Park Advocacy Day, taking place on Tuesday, May 3rd in Sacramento. We hope you will join us and make sure your organization and state parks are represented!

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Great Places for You & Me Infographic

The Great Places for You and Me Infographic was created as part of our “Great Places” campaign to highlight just a few of the many reasons why California’s state parks play an important role in the lives of Californians. The infographic provides an overview of the state park system, and reasons why state parks are great places for students and teachers, local economies and small business and for your health.

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California State Parks in the news…

The gift of Big Bend: Placer Trust gives land to state parks

eneath birds overhead and undisturbed ponderosa pines Thursday, leaders of Placer Land Trust officially donated 417 acres of American River lands to California State Parks.

The public land was the largest amount given in Northern California to state parks, about the size of Disneyland, said nonprofit Placer Land Trust, which has protected about 8,000 acres since its creation.

The “Big Bend North Fork Preserve” is part of the Auburn State Recreation Area east of Applegate and offers several access points to rafters, swimmers and kayakers.

Landowners donate big former development site near Auburn for state parks expansion

More than 400 undeveloped acres in Placer County will become state parks property.
The land, currently owned by the Placer Land Trust, will be donated to California State Parks, which operates the neighboring Auburn State Recreation Area. Along with the donation will come $95,000 to cover management of the 417 acres, said Placer Land Trust executive director Jeff Darlington.

Don’t Care About National Parks? The Park Service Needs You To

Flooding and the combined traffic of thousands of cars, trucks and RVs have torn up the roads at Joshua Tree National Park’s Black Rock Canyon Campground. The majority of the park’s $60 million maintenance backlog is for roads like this.
The reason: The type of people who visit the park don’t reflect the type of people living in the community. Tucson is about 44 percent Hispanic or Latino. Of the park’s roughly 650,000 annual visitors, less than 2 percent self-identify as Hispanic. “If we’re not being relevant to almost half of the population, then 30, 40, 50 years from now, the park isn’t going to matter to them,” Sidles says.