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SPAN supports efforts to enhance state parks

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Participate in Park Advocacy Day 2016

Registration is now open for CSPF’s 14th Annual Park Advocacy Day, taking place on Tuesday, May 3rd in Sacramento. We hope you will join us and make sure your organization and state parks are represented!

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Great Places for You & Me Infographic

The Great Places for You and Me Infographic was created as part of our “Great Places” campaign to highlight just a few of the many reasons why California’s state parks play an important role in the lives of Californians. The infographic provides an overview of the state park system, and reasons why state parks are great places for students and teachers, local economies and small business and for your health.

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Join our statewide efforts to raise awareness of California’s state parks and advocate in support of policies that will move state parks toward a vision of excellence.
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California State Parks in the news…

Cheers to a new day at California Citrus State Historic Park

he 400-acre park, in Arlington Heights, got a new lease on life last week when the Friends of California Citrus Park signed an agreement with the state parks system to oversee the groves, maintain the meeting hall, picnic shelter and amphitheater, and subcontract with an events planner to book its venues.

Road trip! Steve Lopez explores California’s 1,100 mile coastline

On the 40th Anniversary of California’s Coastal Act, Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez is on a road trip from Oregon to Mexico to explore the state’s 1100 miles of beaches, wetlands, wave-pounded coves, rocky cliffs and the characters who thrive in that iconic realm.

California lawmakers propose $3 billion November parks bond

California lawmakers on Thursday proposed a $3 billion bond to appear on November ballots that would pay for improvements at state and local parks, saying green spaces are a natural way to improve public safety, health and air quality.