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Photo Credit: Mike Shoys

State Park Supporters Share Their Great Places

We asked state park supporters to share their favorite state park photos with us to help us tell the story of why California’s State Parks are Great Places. Here are just some of the hundreds of photos we received.

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Great Places for You & Me Infographic

The Great Places for You and Me Infographic was created as part of our “Great Places” campaign to highlight just a few of the many reasons why California’s state parks play an important role in the lives of Californians. The infographic provides an overview of the state park system, and reasons why state parks are great places for students and teachers, local economies and small business and for your health.

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2015 Legislative Recap

As the first year of the 2015-16 Legislative Session has come to a close, we would like to share with you a summary of state parks-related legislation lobbied on by CSPF staff.

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Park Advocacy Day

Park Advocacy Day 2015 on May 5 was a big success. As part of the event, we held our 2nd Annual Park Expo on the Capitol lawn, featuring more than 20 park partners statewide.

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California State Parks in the news…

Governor signs Pavley state park reform bill

Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law Sen. Fran Pavley’s park legislation, Senate Bill 204. The bill bolsters financial and in-kind support for the state park system, which has been bedeviled by inadequate funding and years of deferred maintenance of facilities.

Independent state park operators report on activities

Three nonprofit and private organizations that stepped up to keep three of Sonoma County’s state parks open when they were threatened with closure in 2011, have increased attendance and revenues at Sugarloaf, Jack London and Austin Creek, and look forward to continuing their work as long as the state will have them.

They presented their annual reports in Santa Rosa on Oct. 22, reviewing and highlighting their activities over the 2014/2015 budget years.

PD Editorial: Coast parking fees need a full review

The bigger issue, one that will be taken up by the Coastal Commission at its meeting in San Rafael Wednesday, concerns who gets to make the final call. Staff is encouraging the commission members to take it on themselves, and it makes a good argument.