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Participate in Park Advocacy Day 2016

Registration is now open for CSPF’s 14th Annual Park Advocacy Day, taking place on Tuesday, May 3rd in Sacramento. We hope you will join us and make sure your organization and state parks are represented!

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Great Places for You & Me Infographic

The Great Places for You and Me Infographic was created as part of our “Great Places” campaign to highlight just a few of the many reasons why California’s state parks play an important role in the lives of Californians. The infographic provides an overview of the state park system, and reasons why state parks are great places for students and teachers, local economies and small business and for your health.

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California State Parks in the news…

Trione-Annadel State Park threatened by its own popularity

But Annadel also serves as a prime example of the pressures and failures besetting the state parks system. It suffers from its own popularity, attracting an estimated 120,000 visitors annually. On weekends, it is not unusual to see horse riders, cyclists and others on foot squeezing onto the same paths. Many of those trails are in dire need of maintenance, with erosion from wear and tear and weather taking a clear toll over the years. At the same time, a widening number of trails are unsanctioned, carved out mostly by renegade bikers exploring terrain that established paths skirt. Homeless encampments also have sprouted in some areas of the park.

California state parks navigating uncertain future

Generations of county residents and visitors have been similarly awestruck and enthralled during visits to the Sonoma Coast and 10 other state parks, nature reserves and historic sites within the county.
Now, to sustain California’s parks into the 21st century, state officials say the system needs an overhaul. The transformation, as outlined by a panel appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown, is meant to move past a management scandal that engulfed the parks system in 2012 and to extend the promise of places that serve as playground, refuge, classroom and museum for up to 75 million visitors a year.

Thumbs up: Trione-Annadel State Park, a worthy name for beloved park

The simple truth is Annadel would not exist if it were not for Henry Trione. This 5,000-acre expanse of rolling hills surrounding Lake Ilsanjo was targeted for housing in 1969 when Trione ponied up $1 million of his own money and persuaded his friend Joe Long of Long’s Drugs to help put together a $5 million package to preserve the land. He also was a founding member of the State Parks Foundation, which has contributed nearly a quarter of a billion dollars to support the parks system over the past 46 years.